Our vision

Better care, brought up through organized, secure & collaborative data

Arkhn supports healthcare facilities in the long-term management and valorization of their health data, to the benefit of the entire ecosystem.

To meet the challenges of data access, improve interoperability and bring data sovereignty to hospitals, we came up with a performant data management framework.

"Since the very beggining, we are convinced that healthcare facilities are in the best possible position to manage and valorize healthcare data themselves. By working hand-in-hand with medical and IT teams, we build trust-based relationships with the entire ecosystem. Our willingness to gather around this key organic challenge, as well as our core open-source approach are part of our DNA."

Corneliu, Théo and Emeric - Co-founders of Arkhn

Fondateurs Arkhn

We advocate for more interoperability and data sovereignty

We use the power of data to conquer these two major public health challenges

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Successfully tackling data transition within healthcare facilities
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Sovereignty to overcome the inacessibility of siloted data
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Interoperability to overcome the fragmentation of heterogeneous data

We provide a modern data management framework

We have developed a set of tools to collect, harmonize and capitalize on healthcare data end-to-end, securely and permanently.

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A modern end-to-end data architecture to freely manage data
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An intuitive and build-in cohorting platform to make the most of data
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We help healthcare facilities gain back proper control over their data, to ensure their independence and autonomy.

At Arkhn, we go hospital-first. In our perspective, healthcare facilities are essential data stakeholders. Not only are they ‘the real expert in the room’, but they are data-drivers, interoperability players and fully capable at the scale of the whole data value chain.

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Hospitals are drivers in data collection
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Hospitals are players in standardized data
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Hospitals are capable of reusing data to its full potential

We believe in the transparent and innovative use of the powerful technologies that we master

We've created solid, reliable solutions based on state-of-the-art, proven open-source technologies, at the service of collaborative healthcare.

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Transparent and secure architectures as the right target
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Co-construction as a guiding principle
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Our team of data, tech and AI experts as trusted partners

We work as a close-knit team, fully committed to serving the public interest.

All our actions are guided by a common goal of serving the general interest: working to improve the healthcare system by bringing data to deliver better care. Our commitment to this cause is based on ethics and transparency values that are fundamental to each and every one of our projects.

We take care of our teams and we nurture our customers and partners, by fostering trust: we carefully listen to the needs that we are entrusted with, and come up with relevant solutions that are being co-constructed. We are responsive, available and proactive, and we look out to maintain a cheerful, enthusiastic work standard.

Our ambition is to achieve open and collaborative healthcare. We make our expertise and innovative technologies available to support healthcare facilities, to the benefit of the entire healthcare ecosystem.

Our manifesto
Équipe Arkhn