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Bringing expertise and know-how to the benefit of healthcare facilities

Arkhn helps hospitals with the management of their healthcare data by making its expertise and cutting-edge technologies available to them.

HDS Certification

Health Data Host (HDS) certification

ISO 27001 norm

ISO 27001




French authority standards compliance

The power of artificial intelligence applied to healthcare

Our team has developed expertise in the field of artificial intelligence, targeting the specific needs of the healthcare sector.

We use advanced NLP (natural language processing) methods to identify and structure all medical information from all available data sources, while ensuring data privacy for patients and teams.

Arkhn is also committed to research and innovation in this field, publishing and collaborating with key players such as INRIA.

Our research projects
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Data quality at the heart of our commitment

Giving healthcare facilities sovereignty over their data is Arkhn's main objective. This means enabling them to have access to their data in a centralized way, to manage it autonomously and to use it according to their needs and objectives.

To achieve this, hospitals need strong guarantees on the quality of their data. This is the raison d'être of our data architecture and the expertise built around it by our data engineers and data scientists: to provide reliable, standardized and versioned data processing pipelines. Every piece of patient information available through our products can be traced back to the doctor who submitted it.

Health data security, at all times

Our solutions are Health Data Hosts (HDS) certified and follow the best practices recommended by the CNIL for health data. The company undergoes regular audits to ensure that all our practices comply with the GDPR and ISO 27001.

Facilities' healthcare data is securely hosted, either with our HDS-certified French sovereign cloud provider, or directly within the centers if they opt for a on-premises deployment of our solutions within their infrastructure.

Data protection is guaranteed from end to end, and we have developed AI algorithms to pseudonymize data for research purposes, which set the standard for players in the ecosystem.

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Interoperability for healthcare facilities

The lack of interoperability between medical software packages is a challenge for healthcare facilities wishing to control all their data.

That's why syntactic and semantic data interoperability is the cornerstone of our healthcare data expertise. Arkhn has built up a team specializing in healthcare standards - FHIR, OMOP (EDHEN certification), ... - and terminologies - SNOMED, LOINC, CIM, UMLS - in order to use formats that facilitate data collaboration and re-use.

Transparency based on open source technologies

Software solutions can sometimes turn out to be true black boxes, where operations performed on data are opaque to their users.

In contrast to this approach, we at Arkhn have chosen to use leading-edge, recognized open source technologies: Airbyte, DBT, spaCy, dagster, ElasticSearch and others.

As a result, we can offer hospitals a data architecture that is intelligible, robust, performant, maintainable and scalable over time.

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