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Fetch sovereignty over your hospital data

Harness the full potential of your data as a healthcare facility with our innovative solutions
tailored to meet the challenges of healthcare.

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HDS Certification

Health Data Host (HDS) certification

ISO 27001 norm

ISO 27001




French authority standards compliance

We challenge the statu quo crushing our healthcare system with fragmented and heterogeneous data

That have concrete consequences for hospitals
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Fragmented information
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Lack of sovereignty
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Holding back medical research
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Difficult access to innovation
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Leverage your data to accelerate clinical research with Arkhn Explore

Explore your datalake, visualize and leverage the demographic and clinical data of all your patients for clinical research.

Arkhn Explore lets you :
- Easily estimate cohort sizes and conduct feasibility studies
- Simply create patient groups for research and monitoring purposes
- Exploit and analyze your research results

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Arkhn Explore
Arkhn Data Architecture

Control and manage your healthcare data with the Arkhn data architecture

Deploy a datalake over which you have control and integrate your facility's healthcare data.

With the Arkhn data architecture, benefit from best data practices and our artificial intelligence algorithms to enhance and standardize your data assets.

Manage, supervise and monitor your data autonomously via our Arkhn Admin interface, and exploit it with a panel of adapted and directly connected tools (Metabase, Jupyter Lab, Rstudio, spreadsheet) or plug in new, innovative software solutions.

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