Healthcare facility management

Upscale your facility’s data management and data usage

Arkhn helps you take full ownership of your facility's health data, rolling out solutions that effectively leverage the power of data,  and improving the daily work of clinical teams and information systems managers.

All your data, in your hands thanks to a global data management framework

The subject of data management in healthcare facilities is all the more important in regards with the digital shift that has taken place in recent years in the healthcare sector, and remains challenging nonetheless. Lack of information system resources, the costs they generate and lack of interoperability between software tools that are critical to smooth hospital operations create a web of rare complexity.

This complexity is a true challenge for innovation and improvement of healthcare, putting pressure on hospital budgets and leading to staff burnout. To overcome these issues and contribute to the common effort to build a better healthcare system, Arkhn offers you solutions to better manage and use your facility's data,  for the benefit of all your teams.

Measurable outcomes for your teams and the entire facility

Simplify your teams' daily work

Open up new solutions for clinical teams, leveraging hospital data. Enable staff to optimize their work with greater autonomy. Improve collaboration between care teams and with your IT department.

Increase your hospital's profile

Enhance your hospital's reputation and visibility by deploying innovative technologies and cutting-edge medical practices. Encourage cooperation with other healthcare centers through multi-centric research programs or public-private partnerships with industry.

Improve patient care

Enhance the quality, safety and relevance of your facility's patient care, and simplify medical assessment processes leveraging relevant data.

Make it easier to manage your hospital

Leverage data to extract relevant indicators for  economic and strategic management of your facility.

Strengthen your data security

Build a global data management framework and regain ownership over your assets. Guarantee patient data’s quality, continuity and security, in compliance with regulations.

Develop means of self-financing

Accelerate research and benefit from new funding opportunities thanks to clinical study projects and collaboration with public and private players.

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