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With the ambition of working for the general interest, Arkhn provides healthcare facilities with its expertise to give them back sovereignty over their data and build a trust-based relationship with them.

We nurture a shaping and organic DNA

General interest

Our mission is driven by a desire to serve the general interest and to act ethically. We want to give hospitals the keys of empowerment in order for them to be able to use their data and ultimately improve care.


We are committed to building trust-based relationships with our partners, and we look out to build them by working consciously together, in the best possible conditions, to achieve our high-standard projects.


We are dedicated to improving the healthcare system on a large scale. To achieve this, we provide hospitals with our expertise and state-of-the-art technologies.

"Arkhn is driven by a united team, embodying powerful values and guided by a common horizon: improving the healthcare system through data. We work every day to give ourselves the means to achieve this, in collaboration with healthcare establishments that place their trust in us. To succeed in this mission, it is fundamental for us to build a relationship with our partners based on trust, placing our expertise at their service with ethics and transparency, and in a way that is as joyful as it is rigorous."

Corneliu, Théo and Emeric - Co-founders of Arkhn

Corneliu, Théo and Emeric, Arkhn's co-founders
Arcane \aʁ.kan\


Any hermetic operation whose secret must be known only to the initiated.
Antonym: transparency.

Arkhn \aʁ.kan\


A company that enables you to regain control of your data, in complete sovereignty.
Synonym: transparency.

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« Arkhn is not just another service provider, but a true partner who understands the complexity of healthcare and is aligned with our vision. The Institut Curie, true to its mission, has been committed for several years to fostering collaborative research between cancer centers, and has always come up against the technical difficulties of accessing data to scale up. Arkhn's technologies and unique expertise in France on FHIR seem to me to be the right approach to finally succeed in federating the French and European hospital ecosystem in a concrete way. We enjoy working with a flexible, enthusiastic and responsive team. »

Xose Fernandez
Chief Data Officer - Institut Curie