Data architecture

Manage your data independently, securely and sustainably

Take back control of the supply and management of your healthcare data assets with the Arkhn data architecture. Sovereignty over your data starts now.

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HDS Certification

Health Data Host (HDS) certification

ISO 27001 norm

ISO 27001




French authority standards compliance

Modern data architecture to restore the access and facilitate the sharing of medical information

A response to the shortcomings that affect care teams every day
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Data access
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Healthcare data hosted in a robust scalable architecture

10.1 millions

healthcare data hosted in a robust scalable architecture

88 millions

medical documents integrated and available in our data architectures.

The solution that gives you backcontrol over your data

Create and feed your datalake with quality data

You have the power to integrate all your facility's healthcare data, based on our knowledge base and data engineering tools. Develop new data source integration pipelines and orchestrate them to feed your datalake.

Standardize your data according to OMOP and FHIR healthcare standards in your pipelines to create an interoperable and reusable data asset.Benefit from the power of Arkhn's artificial intelligence algorithms, which leverage natural language processing to enhance the quality of your data.

Arkhn's data architecture
Arkhn's algorithm

Manage and exploit your healthcare data assets independently

Manage your healthcare data warehouse and grant access rights to this data based on perimeters you've created.

Comply with RGPD guidelines by easily managing patient opposition and re-identification requests.

Supervise, monitor and navigate across all the data in your datalake thanks to our Arkhn Admin interface.

Make the best of it with ease thanks to a panel of adapted and directly integrable tools: Metabase, Jupyter Lab, Rstudio, spreadsheet, etc., or plug in new innovative solutions.

Host your healthcare data warehouse wherever you want

Choose the hosting that's right for you:

- Opt for a data architecture hosted by our HDS-certified French cloud partner, for rapid deployment without overloading your teams.
- Or invest in a on-premises installation for customized deployment at your facility.

Illustration of cloud versus on-premise
Illustration of data security

Benefit from our regulatory and legal expertise

Arkhn is Health Data Host (HDS) certified, and is heavily involved in the promotion of standards and regulations improving the management of health data.

Our teams can help you bring your facility into compliance with the CNIL's EDS standards, using our health data architecture.

Benefit from our expertise, technical support and training courses to help your teams become more proficient in these areas and improve the security of your hospital's data.

Arkhn Explore

Take your data to the next level with Arkhn Explore

Explore patient demographic and clinical data in your datalake, estimate the size of cohorts and make the most of them with Arkhn Explore.

This solution facilitates :
- your pre-screening, with a rapid assessment of the number of patients meeting your study criteria
- create cohorts for research and monitoring purposes
- analyze statistical data on patients in your cohort.

Discover Arkhn Explore

State-of-the-art expertise and technologies for the benefit of healthcare

Data security

We are certified as a Health Data Host, ISO 27001 and all our solutions are developed in compliance with CNIL standards. Your data is hosted by our HDS-certified French sovereign cloud provider, and can be hosted at your facility on request.


Our team has developed know-how in AI & NLP applied to healthcare, which is used in our solutions that enable you to identify and structure all the medical data present in your patients' documents with rigorous quality control. We mobilize state-of-the-art technologies such as large language models to bring you the best algorithms.

Data quality

Our aim is to provide healthcare establishments with reliable, usable healthcare data. This is made possible by the essential step of data quality enhancement, carried out with the help of our data architecture.


We are committed to guaranteeing the syntactic and semantic interoperability of data. Arkhn brings together a team of specialists in healthcare standards - FHIR, v2, OMOP (EDHEN certification), ... - and various terminologies - SNOMED CT, LOINC, CIM, UMLS...

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Benefits for all you teams

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Managing and securing data over the long term for...

Medical Information Department (MID), Information Systems Department (ISD)

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Facilitating the deployment of innovative solutions for...

Clinical Research and Innovation Department (CRID), Information Systems Department (ISD), General Management, Finance Department

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Exploiting data for...

University Professor - Hospital Practitioner (UP-HP), Research Physicians, Biostatisticians, Medical Interns, Clinical Research Associates (CRA), University Hospital Assistants (UHA), Medical Committee (MC)

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